Tips For Decorating Your Apartment Balcony

February 05, 2018

Looking to beautify your Santa Clara apartment balcony? We’d love nothing more to see your balcony aesthetic enhance Tuscany living. That’s why we decided to help give you some inspiration and tips to fully maximize your outdoor space. Whether it’s for enjoying a good book with some fresh air, a glass of wine at sunset, or adding some greenery, we want you to take full advantage of your apartment balcony.

10 Great Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Balcony

Plant life

Every great apartment balcony starts with your general aesthetic. How you choose to represent yourself in this outdoor space is entirely up to you, but we highly recommend mixing in some plant life. Plants create the idea of a natural setting, even if you find yourself 20 stories up from the ground.

Some creative ways to enhance your balcony is through the use of potted plants, hanging potters, and railing plants to name a few. This dispersion of height variety can allow the space to become more garden-centric, which adds to the idea of being transported somewhere different.

Last, but certainly not least, is what type of plants you should choose. Again, while entirely subjective, it’s a brilliant idea to mix up color varieties so that you can add natural color to the foreground. If you’re not the most diligent plant owner, you might be best off choosing plants that don’t require a lot of TLC. Succulents and cacti are perfect plants that require very little maintenance and water.

Every detail counts

With a smaller space like an apartment balcony, you want to make sure that not one foot of the area is overlooked. This means that every detail counts when decorating. Forgetting a certain corner can make the whole feel like off. So as you start to put together in your mind what you want to do, don’t overlook the idea of hanging lights, plants, and even the floor design.

Comfy seating is key

If you’ve successfully managed to breathe life into your balcony, you’re now probably wondering where you’re going to sit and enjoy this plant life. What you choose to sit on really does dictate how often you’ll want to go outside. Uncomfortable furniture is a sure-fire way to find yourself staring at your balcony from your living room.

That doesn’t mean you have to empty your checking account buying expensive seating. There are plenty of clever ways to create comfy seating. One of our favorites is using wooden crates as a makeshift bench. Mix in some plush pillows and seating pads and you’re now all set for a day of reading or a wine night.

Clarify your priorities

Before you begin setting down the groundwork for this outdoor oasis, you have to set clear priorities. This ensures you’re creating a space made specifically for your interests in mind, not just what looks good on pinterest.

-What do you want to highlight?

Find out what’s truly important to you. Do you want a place where you can lounge around and relax? Would you rather have outdoor seating to enjoy meals when the weather is nice out? Or do you want create an outdoor garden to add natural beauty to your balcony?

These are vital questions to ask yourself. It creates an end goal for you to look back on and fully maximize your space. You’d be really bummed out if you wanted a great place to have breakfast and a cup of coffee every morning, but instead, overloaded on plants and didn’t leave enough space for a table and chairs.

Sometimes, less is more

As you start to gather ideas and inspiration, it’s common to want to incorporate everything that you see and like. That can be a dangerous game, because you not only will you be overwhelmed, you run the risk of adding way too much without enough space to put everything. When in doubt, keep it simple! The old adage of “less is more” rings especially true when it comes to decorating an outdoor balcony.

Don't meddle with the middle

Piggybacking off the last tip, an excellent way to keep a small space from getting cluttered is optimizing perimeter seating. Using bench-style seating on the sides of your balcony will open up the middle space for a more open feeling. An L-shaped outdoor sofa is the perfect way to add a good amount of seating with limited space available.

Along with side seating, higher shelves can be an efficient way to create more storage space or even add more plants/decorations. That way you don’t give up floor space or hurt the general aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Plan it out

While you might have spontaneously got the idea to decorate your apartment balcony, you don’t recommend spontaneously putting your design together. Take some time beforehand to draw out the floor dimensions and map out where you think certain features should go where. The last you want to do is buy all the necessary furniture and decorations only to realize you don’t have enough space for it all.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. While an overused cliche, it should be abided by for projects such as these. Not only will it help with deciding how you want to plan out your space, it gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what you vision is and how to go about achieving it.

Floor ideas

Don’t forget about the floor! Often overlooked, the actual floor of your balcony can really add another level of depth and complexity. An inexpensive option to add some zest is an artificial grass rug or turf. It’s an extremely low-maintenance way to bring some color and liven up the area. If that’s not your cup of tea, wooden tiles adds a sleek and clean look to your apartment.  

Leave a light on

Luminate your space for the opportunity to your outdoor escape day and night. Light fixtures are an easy way spruce up your space and create a more intimate feeling at night. Depending up your balcony, you can choose to have overhead hanging lights or use the railings and drape them across the top of the railing.

Other Ideas of Inspiration:

  • Bar Cart
  • Chalkboard
  • Plant Wall
  • Area Rug
  • Multipurpose Cinder Blocks

The uses of cinder blocks are endless when it comes to outdoor design. These industrial mainstay present a cheap and versatile way to style your balcony. You can use cinder blocks as plant potters/stands, benches, outdoor fireplaces, and much more!

  • Hammocks
  • Privacy Curtains/Plant Hangers