Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019

March 08, 2018

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, spring has sprung and unfortunately the Bay Area has been caught up in the April showers portion of it so far. While that rain will soon to turn beautiful sunshine and blossoming flowers, now is a great time to tackling that spring cleaning you’ve been prolonging.

We all do it, and while you may notice things have started to pile up and dast has collected more heavily than anticipated, now is the chance to clean your apartment and embrace the changing seasons. At Tuscany Apartments, we want everyone to live in a home with pristine conditions and spotless rooms. While we do as much as possible to keep the common areas looking great, we leave your apartments fate up to you. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to help!

As a way of showing that we care, we’ve create a few tips and tricks to get that spring cleaning underway. This should hopefully help you make this seemingly daunting task more of a therapeutic event than a traumatizing one.

Here’s how to do spring cleaning right

-Make a schedule

Write things down! Or at the very list type into your notes. Do a quick look around your apartment and take notes of each room. Which ones need the most work? What crevices are starting to look a little bit scary. It doesn’t matter exactly where you start, but having a clear schedule of what is being done first and when it should be completed. Once you have a checklist of what needs to be done, it will seem much more manageable than if you opt to just wing it and figure it out on the fly.

-De-clutter the mess and forget the rest

Do you find yourself stressed out looking at a messy room with clothes and random items sprawled across the floor? There are scientific studies that show a strong link between this messiness and psychological stress. Our advice? Keep things more organized, don’t throw things around the room. Have specific place or storage area to keep everything. This will allow you to make cleaning an easier chore when things like linens and towels have specific spots when clean.

-Work from the top down

When you think about where to start cleaning, look up. It’s always best to start cleaning your rooms from the ceiling and working your way methodically to the floor. This will allow the debris and dust to settle onto the bottom of the floor by the time you get there. Otherwise you’ll be forced to re-clean your floors as the dust settles back down.

-Don’t forget about your windows and walls

When people think about what they need to clean, they most often think about their floors. In the process your lovely walls and windows get overlooked. They have feelings too! Well, maybe not, but they can get dirty as well. A dirty window can make hinder beautiful views of Santa Clara. If you have little ones running around, they tend to drag their hands along walls and smudge them with marks or dirty. Take some time to inspect them and bring some windex or all purpose wall cleaner to keep them looking good.

-Kitchens and Bathrooms Can’t Be Neglected

We know, kitchens and bathrooms are a daunting task when looked at as a whole. They prove to be the dirtiest everytime spring cleaning rolls around. In order to keep your sanity, take these rooms as parts of a whole and focus on one thing at a time.

-Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning these rooms

-change your shower curtain, it can store black mold and harm bacteria if left to its own devices after an extending period of time

-go through your drawers and remove as many expired, never used, or wasted space items as you can (trust us, you won’t use them all of a sudden after 2 years)

-wipe down your cabinets (you’d be surprised how much dust can accumulate along the the sides and cracks)

-be gentle with your stainless steel appliances, you don’t want to scratch the surfaces because those don’t buff out)

-open up that fridge and remove all your items. This seems daunting but in order to wipe down the shelves thoroughly, it needs to be done

-Air quality dictates quality of life

The indoor air quality in your apartment can be overlooked due to the fact that it’s practically invisible. However, an apartment with poor indoor air quality can have extremely damaging effects to your overall health. Replacing your furnace and HVAC filters is a critical component to ensuring that your air quality is as good as it can get. Otherwise you are running the risk of harming yourself and those loved ones living with you as well.

While you get ready to tackle this task, here are a few more random but important tips to consider:

-Refrigerator cleaner: a simple but effective way to get a deep clean is using salt and soda water. The buddling action combined with the salt creates a great solution to really scrub that surface.

-Lime buildup: place paper towels around your faucet and let it soak with vinegar for an hour.

-Linen cleaning cheat code: while you should consider cleaning your comforters and blankets every once in awhile, sometimes all they need is a good air out. Hanging them on a clothesline for a few hours can do wonders.

-Dirty fans: the blades of a ceiling fan can turn into quite the monstrosity if unchecked for awhile. A quick tip is to coat them with furniture polish and wipe off any excess.

-Blinds are not to be ignored: if you forget about your blinds long enough, they will turn into a storage space for dust to collect interest. Take a duster and a water towel and thoroughly clean them up.