How To Spend Summer In The Bay Area

May 14, 2018

With the weather getting nicer and the sun staying out longer each day, it’s only right that we begin to daydream about those perfect summer days. While it seems like you’ve all the time in the world to enjoy summertime, it goes by quicker than you can imagine. With that in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to share a few ways to spend your summer in the Bay Area.

There’s no doubt plenty to choose from, which might actually make picking an activity even harder. So we tried to condense this list to those activities and events that we know are sure to be an exciting or eventful way to spend your time.

Here’s How To Spend Your Summer In The Bay Area


For being such a large community, with so many intertwined cities, people often forget that the Bay Area holds some incredibly fascinating hiking trails and wilderness. The San Francisco hills aren’t the only treks to be made this time of the year. If you’re dead set on hiking, you first want to choose what part of the bay you’d like to explore.

Here are a few options:

-San Mateo County

-Mori Point

-Whittemore Gulch Loop Trail

-Montara Mountain Trail

-Gray Whale Cove Trail

-Marin County

-Muir Woods

-Mount Tamalpais State Park

-Point Reyes National Seashore

-Tomales Bay State Park

-East Bay

-Nimitz Way to Rotary Peace Grove

-Lake Chabot Loop

-Mission Peak

-Flag Hill Trail

-South Bay

-Quicksilver Trail

-Santa Teresa County Park

-Alum Rock South Rim Trail

-Ohlone Trail


Though well-known by all living in the Bay Area, there’s a good chance it’s not as well-visited by Bay Area locals. Alcatraz, while a tourist staple, is an incredible part of San Francisco history that’s well worth the price of admission. Learning about such a unique feature is captivating and enlightening. So make sure you book a trip to tour Alcatraz this summer, and make sure to do so way ahead of when you plan to go!

Beach Day

We know that the Bay Area isn’t home to Caribbean style beaches, but that doesn’t mean there aren't plenty to enjoy. Whenever that pesky fog disappears for a day or two, it’s best capitalize by hitting the road and heading towards the coast. If we had to choose a few beaches for you to check out, these would be it:

-Stinson Beach

-Baker Beach

-Martins Beach

-Pescadero State Beach

Wine Tours

What always pairs nicely with a warm summer day? For some, that’s a nice glass of wine. Luckily for those aspiring sommeliers, you happen to live in one of the most prolific wine areas in the world. We know it’s not technically in the Bay Area, but heading to Napa or Sonoma County for the day or weekend is an incredible escape into beautiful scenery and tasty wine.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

For long-time locals, hearing the words Santa Cruz Boardwalk may evoke memories of the classic commercial that played just about every summer. Not only is it a great place to spend some beach time, it’s also host to a variety of fun boardwalk activities like rides, arcade games, and exhilarating roller coasters. A nostalgic trip for some and an exciting day for all, Santa Cruz Boardwalk is worth the journey.

Giants Game

Summer nights and baseball are quintessential ingredients to a good time in the Bay Area. Add in the fact AT&T Park is the best baseball park in the country and you really can’t go wrong. Perched along McCovey Cove with the Bay Bridge serving as your backdrop and it’s truly a sight worth seeing. Oh, and of course rooting for the Giants is a great time too.

Bike Rides

Thinking about trying to get some exercise and but not a fan of running? Grab that bike from your storage room and get your legs pumping. The Bay Area is a perfect spot to go bike riding, as there are such a vast variety of trails to choose from. Each location is different and each are beautiful in their own way.

Here are some trails to check out:

-Angel Island Loop

-Pacific Coast Line

-Tennessee Valley/Muir Beach

-Baker Beach

-Crystal Springs Regional Trail     

Boat Rides In The Bay

As you might have noticed, the Bay Area is surrounded by water. You’d have a tough time traveling around without noticing some body of water. What better way to experience the bay than on a boat. There are a variety of boat tours that allow you to sight-see and check out different parts of the Bay Area in a unique POV.


Correlating with the large bodies of water is the amount of fish living in that water. This makes fishing a prime activity for those looking to cast some lines out. If you’re looking for some quality bites, here’s where we recommend checking out:

-Bodega Bay

-Lake Chabot

-Pillar Point Harbor

-Santa Cruz Harbor


Whale Watching

If you’re looking to do a different type of sightseeing, whale watch is well worth the patience. Getting to see these majestic sea creatures breach the water and splash their fluke tails.

Here’s the best places to see them:

-Moss Landing

-Farallon Islands

-Point Lobos State Reserve

-Point Reyes National Seashore


Kayaking and/or canoeing is a great way to explore the water in a more intimate and adventurous setting. While we wouldn’t recommend hitting the Pacific Ocean for a kayak day, there are plenty of options around the bay to check out.

Here are some favorites:


-Point Reyes

-Lake Merritt in Oakland

-McCovey Cove (especially during baseball season)


With summertime in the Bay Area comes events in the Bay Area. There’s so many of them that it becomes truly overwhelming for those wanting to see as much as they can. That’s why we’ve boiled down a list of can’t miss events or activities to take part in this summer.

Here’s where you need to go:


Escape From the Rock Cruise


Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise


Union Street Festival


North Beach Festival


San Francisco Frozen Film Festival


Fourth of July Celebration at The Pier