Budget-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Apartment This Spring

March 05, 2019

Spring is almost in the air and you’re finally done binge watching, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix; there’s no better time to get your apartment organized.

Whether you just moved in, or have been living at Tuscany for some time, decluttering your space can be a liberating experience. Plus, science has proven that cleanliness and organization have a direct correlation with physical health.

The whole spring-cleaning idea may seem daunting, but there are a few simple things you can do to each room of your apartment to make a big difference. Here are some amazing budget-friendly tips to help you organize your Santa Clara apartment.

#1 – Start with a Label Maker and Clear Containers in the Kitchen

The main idea with organizing is to put everything in a designated place.

For the kitchen, get a sponge holderto go near your sink, and a utensil containerfor your countertop near the stove – both of which you can find in bright, bold colors or fun designs to complement your kitchen décor.

Put dish soap and dispensers on a designated plate or on a decorative platter near the sink.

For your pantry and drawers: containers, containers, and more containers. Anything that’s loose, put in a clear glass or plastic container – for example, tea bags, granola bars, small chip bags or other snacks, and pasta.

Tip: A label maker is good investment. Label everything and anything you can.

Also, for all those spices in various places throughout your pantry or cupboards (or right on the countertop), buy a clear, plastic tiered spice rack to neatly place all your spices together. If it’s tiered, you can see each label more clearly when searching for just the right spice. Go one step further and alphabetize them like they do in the grocery store.  

Get a silverware caddy for your silverware and open drawer traysfor the other random stuff you have in other drawers, like a can opener, serving spoons, etc.

You can even find pan racks that go right inside the cupboard to keep all your pots and pans and those lids neatly together – now that is some serious organization.

Note: If you haven’t used something in the last year, consider donating it or throwing it away. If any utensils are rusted or just old, go ahead and toss them and buy them new.

#2 – Take on the Papers in Your Office with These Tips

It’s the place you throw your mail, bills, school or work papers, and pretty much everything else. The office can become super cluttered, super fast, and before you know it you don’t even know where to begin to organize. Just like our tip above, create a designated place for everything.

  • Get a mail holder and start a system for incoming and outgoing bills.
  • Get containers for any little office supplies you have, like those loose paper clips and thumb tacks, etc.
  • Get a pin up board to hang loose photos or important papers you have laying around.
  • You could even try a cool desk organizer/docking station to keep your electronics all together.
  • Also, for any loose cords you have, try a cord organizer. Or, for a cheaper route, use zip ties to keep cords together.
  • You could also go for a file hanger that hangs over the doorfor a space-saving hack.

#3 – Here’s How to Get the Laundry off the Bedroom Floor

Does it seem like the laundry is never ending in your apartment? You’re not alone. If your laundry basket is constantly over-flowing, we’ve got a great organization tip.

Get three laundry baskets and have each one designated for whites, colors, and darks. So, when you go to do laundry, it’s all ready to go and separated.

For your dresser drawers, invest in a few good drawer dividers, so you can put everything in its place. Then you won’t have to search high and low for your favorite pair of lucky socks the next time you need them.

Hanger dividers are also useful for separating clothes in your closet – you can organize your wardrobe based on season or item type, like sweaters, work shirts, casual t-shirts, etc.

Do you just kick off your shoes the second you walk through the door? Shoe storage is a big issue in closets or near the front door for a lot of people in apartments. Invest in a portable shoe rackto get all those shoes off the floor and in order.

If you have miscellaneous items around your room, consider getting some shelves with baskets to hide any unsightly messes.

#4 – Try a Shoe Rack and Shelves in the Bathroom

We mentioned an over-the-door organizer above for files in your office space. Now consider over the door shoe racks for other items, like cleaning supplies in the bathroom.

Need extra space for towels? Go ahead and add some shelves above your toilet. You can get a portable bathroom storage rack, like this, so you don’t have to drill holes in your apartment walls.

All your little bathroom items that sit on your countertop can be organized with simple storage solutions. Put some small boxes inside the drawers to hold and separate hair brushes, nail clippers, toothpaste, and any other random bathroom stuff.

Makeup is one of those things that you always have scattered on the counter almost at all times. Get containers to put all your brushes together, your lipsticks together, and other similar items together. Target has this great (and pretty) storage solution for makeup.

#5 – How About a Blanket Ladder in The Living Room

Time to store all those throw blankets you have scattered on your sofa now that winter is over. Since it’s still a little chilly here in Santa Clara, you might want to keep some out and easily accessible. You can use stylish baskets to place your blankets in when they’re not in use, or this cool ladderis specifically designed for hanging blankets in a small apartment space.

Clean up loose cords by holding them together with good old-fashioned zip ties or hiding them in one of these cord hiding boxes. You could also get a decorative wicker basketand string all your cords through the basket handle and store your power bars, cable boxes, routers, cords, etc. in the box to hide the mess too.

Put other electronics or DVDs in attractive baskets as well – basically hide the mess and create neat storage spaces for everything.   

For toys or magazines, or anything else that makes your living space messy, consider a coffee table with storage space, like this one.

Summing it Up

It’s easy to let your home get cluttered and disorganized – you live there after all, and you’re busy! But now that spring is finally, well, springing, it’s time to freshen up your apartment space and get things back in order. With these simple tricks, a little creativity, and a small budget for some organizational items, you’ll get things tidied up in no time.