2019 Cleaning Guide: How to Keep Clean After the Holidays

December 19, 2018

It's important to stay proactive and get ready for after the Holiday spirirt runs out and you're apartment is left a little worn down from the get togethers. Here at Tuscany, we want our residents to love the place they call home, so we figured we'd offer some helpful tips to ensure you're place is looking great at all times!

After hosting a party or simply hosting your family for the holidays, a few things around the house are sure to have gotten a little dirty, particularly the floors.

Many times, it’s as simple as quick sweep but sometimes stains are around so long that the only way to get rid of them is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. For tips on keeping the floors in your Santa Clara apartment good as new, keep reading.

Implement Doormats

As simple as this may sound, it makes sense when you really think about the amount of dirt you drag in with your shoes. Dirt doesn’t just come from nowhere, it has a source and that is your shoes!

Stopping the dirt before it gets in the house is the duty of a doormat. Make sure to have a doormat at all entrances of your apartment eliminating the chances of dirt getting inside. To increase security have mats both outside and inside of your apartment to pull double duty. 

Choosing the right doormat will also increase the effectiveness of the mat. Purchasing a doormat that is long enough for a couple of steps will make sure to get off any loose dirt. In addition, the mat should be just as wide as your door and no smaller. 

For indoors, rubber or even vinyl backing mat will make it easier to shake off or vacuum any dirt. When selecting a doormat, it is best to select a dark as possible color to hide the dirt giving you a break from having to clean the mat as soon as a spot shows up.

Put Your Shoes Away

This goes hand-in-hand with using doormats. The doormats can only take off so much dirt from the bottom of your shoes still making your floors a target.

Having a no shoes policy will not only keep your floors clear from dirt but also keep them clean from the plethora of bacteria you carry in from the outside. That’s right there are tons of bacteria on the bottom of your shoes and according to a study by the University of Arizona there is an average of 421,000 different bacteria on the bottom of shoes. 

At the entrance of your door keep a special mat, rack, or basket that you can put your shoes in and exchange them for some indoor slippers or fuzzy socks. Why specifically fuzzy socks? They will trap the dirt instead of spreading it around your apartment–a great way of also cleaning up.

Not only for your own health but the health of your children or pets, implementing this policy will result in a cleaner environment. 

Create Food Zones

Late night snacks are the best but they also produce quite the mess. Limiting where you eat your food to the dining room or kitchen keeps the rest of the house clear of spills and crumbs. 

It is especially hard to refrain from eating on the couch when you are watching your favorite movie or TV show but try, food zones will make your floors in the rest of your apartment so much cleaner. 

Create Pet Zones

As a pet owner, it is difficult to keep your favorite furry friend out of trouble. If you restrict the access your pet has to certain areas of your apartment there will be less chances of there being a messy incident. 

When you bring them back from a walk it is important to clean their paws because just like shoes, their paws track in dirt and bacteria defeating the purpose of you taking your shoes off. 

It is easier said than done to keep your pets in one certain area but it will help keep those floors clean. 

De-clutter Your Apartment

Another tip that is easier said than done. Having too much clutter or furniture that is tightly packed will lead to an increase in the amount of dust on the ground and on furniture. 

Simply try to move your furniture around and create more space between items. A more open space will make it easier to clean and reduce the amount of dust that appears in the first place.

Invest in New Quality Cleaning Tools

There is no doubt any cleaning tool will get the job done but the better quality the easier it will make your life as well as reduce the amount of times a week you will have to clean. Of course, it depends on the type of flooring you have in your Santa Clara apartment but here is a list of some must have tools:

  • Brooms

Bissell Hardwood Floor Broom - It has soft hair bristles that are gentle on flooring. It also features an adjustable handle for comfort.

Swiffer Sweeper - Having both dry and wet cloths, the dry cloth will pick up all the dust and those pesky pet hairs.

  • Mops

◦ Libman Wonder Mop - A classic mop that uses micro-fiber strips to clean. It’s for basic cleaning and spills getting the job done. Can be purchased at Walmart for $8.37.

◦ Swiffer Wetjet - A step up from the Wonder Mop, the Swiffer Wetjet requires no bucket to clean so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. It’s perfect for picking up hair and dust and an overall quick clean. Not ideal for big spills since the swiffer pad is not meant to absorb large amounts of liquid. Can be purchased at most major stores.

◦ StarMop Pro - For those who are about keeping it green this mop cleans just as good as the Swiffer Wetjet without the disposal of the pads. With the StarMop Pro you simply take of the sponge and throw it in the washer. The only downside is that you can’t purchase it in-store but rather online only.

◦ Don Aslett's Super-size Microfiber Mop - Another great mop that comes with 8 washable pads: four multipurpose pads, two scrubbing pads, and two dust pads. For those who are tired of throwing away and purchasing replacement pads this is the mop for you. Like the StarMop Pro, this mop must be purchased from online store such as QVC.

  • Vacuums

◦ Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum - This powerful vacuum is perfect for hardwood floors. Having non-marking rubber wheels with felt treads decreases the chances of your floor being scratched up. At a price of $120 on Amazon this vacuum is definitely an investment.

◦ Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum SH20030 - Perfect for hardwood floors and carpeting this vacuum is essential if you have both types of floorings in your apartment. And if you are scared of scuffs and scratches don’t worry because it was non-marring wheels that go easy on floors. With a price of $63.33 on Amazon you can’t go wrong with it.

◦ iRobot Roomba - If you really have money to spare invest in an iRobot Roomba. It will help keep your floors clean give you less to do.

Mop Your Santa Clara Apartment Often

Yes, mopping is a pain but having a dirty floor is worse and if you have one of the above mops this chore will feel less strenuous. Once again it is all preventative. If you do a little cleaning every other day or a couple times a week you will prevent having to do one all day cleaning twice a month. 

You will keep your floors spotless and prevent grime from settling in.

Clean Immediately

There is always that one spot that never seems to go away no matter how hard you try. The reason being you waited too long to treat the stain in the first place. Cleaning up any spills the second they happen prevents the stain from getting worse as time goes by. 

On tile and hardwood flooring it is much easier to clean up a spill. Just use a mop or towel to soak up the liquid and go back in with a floor cleaner. When it comes to carpeting it becomes a little more difficult and definitely more time sensitive.

For carpets use a towel to soak up any excess liquids and then go in with carpet spot cleaner or club soda. After the area has dried apply baking soda and vacuum up a couple of hours later. 

It is not always convenient to clean a stain the second it happens but in the long run it will keep your Santa Clara apartment feeling like new. 

Professional Cleaning Once a Year

You sweep, mop, and vacuum on the regular but your carpet, tile, and wood flooring still look a mess. Of course, it is impossible to act immediately and clean every stain so they sink in and seem to not come out. 

Having your floors professionally cleaned once year will get you back day one when the floors in your Santa Clara apartment were brand new. Start a piggy-bank and save throughout the year so when the day comes it won't be a huge expense out of your pocket.

Now that you know these tips you are all set to keep your Santa Clara apartment floors spotless and feeling like new!